New Album, Breaking Up and Saying Goodbye

After a full dozen years of treading the boards Hell City Glamours have decided it’s officially time to drink one more for the road then take our bows.

With our second and final album coming June 6th 2014 we shall hit the highway to say one last “thank you and goodnight” to all our friends and fans over June and July.

And here are some reminiscences and an explanation so no one can start scandalous rumours…

Lasting this long as an independent touring rock band is some feat in itself.

Throughout these years we have been lucky enough to get to play with our idols and musical heroes, sharing a stage with the likes of the New York Dolls, The Supersuckers, Young Heart Attack, Sebastian Bach, The Angels, Paul Stanley, Alice Cooper, Living Colour, Rose Tattoo, LA Guns, Brides of Destruction and more we have probably forgotten.

In fact if you had told us in 2002 when we first started rehearsing in Archi’s garage that we would have played with such people we probably would have laughed in your face.

We have also been lucky enough to get to tour around Australia and the USA, release a bunch of recordings we are incredibly proud of, released our 1st album throughout Europe and the UK through Classic Rock Magazine’s ‘Powerage’ imprint and we got to make a whole bunch of great friends in our travels.

We would like to dip the hat to all the super dedicated HCG fans, especially those who have given us the honour of having the Hell City Glamours logo tattooed on them.

The amount of love we get from people down with the HCG cause is beyond belief.  We honestly and truly thank you guys from the bottom of our hearts.

Throughout this journey of fun (mostly) and frustration (occasionally) that some would call a “career” we have been lucky enough to be able to play music for you guys at a quality level that we could all proudly stand behind.

We have always said that we would continue so long as our music and our live show remained at a level we were proud of.

And now the travesties of day-to-day annoyances (also known as the “real world”) have for the first time in our “career” begun to impact those very things.

Things such as paying the rent, relationships, personal time and, most importantly, keeping our friendships intact.

So rather than let the quality or enjoyment of our music slip or for our friendships to suffer at all, we have decided to call it a day.

This parting of ways couldn’t be under better terms as people, as friends and musically.

The fact is we all still get along great; we all still love each other dearly.

That’s why we decided when we saw some warning signs on the horizon, that before this could erode, we would stop.

We began this band as friends and we will end it as exactly that. This has always been a brotherhood and that won’t fade, just us playing music together as “the Hell City Glamours” will.

But before it’s done, we need to finish what we’ve started. We need to farewell our friends and our music in the only way we know how.

With our second and last record that will be out in June, a documentary on the last 8 years as the band will be out shortly after and of course, one last live hurrah.

A national farewell tour, which will take place over June and July, with a warm up show at Sydney’s very first Cherry Rock on May 31st.

We wish to thank everyone who has helped HCG along the way; the bands we proudly now know as friends, the sound, lighting and road crews (you are the salt of this earth), the bookers and venues who have supported us (thank you and sorry about the mess), the bartenders for extending our riders way too long, those in the music press who looked beyond our outward trappings and actually listened to the music, and, most importantly, to the people who make this rocking world go round…

Thank you to the people who go to gigs, who love live music and Australian rock n roll, to those that staunchly support independent bands such as ourselves… you are the reason it still exists.

You keep Australian music going.

You all truly made this pack of pants-too-tight, hair-too-long no-hopers feel special.

From the bottom of our hearts, we sincerely thank you.

Mo, Oscar, Robbie and Jono

Hell City Glamours



Saturday May 31st – Cherry Rock @ Factory Theatre Sydney

Friday June 6th – Transit Bar Canberra

Saturday June 7th – Crowbar Brisbane

Saturday June 28th – Crown & Anchor Adelaide

Saturday July 5th – Cherry Bar Melbourne

Saturday July 12th – Oxford Art Factory Sydney

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Melbourne AND FINALLY Sydney shows!!

Yup, we’re going to smashing a hole in your livers at Cherry Bar in Melbs May 26th as we launch our first beer courtesy of Young Henry’s Brewery, we’ll be playing with Front End Loader and My Dynamite and everyone’s got their own brew on tap for the night

The last time we played Cherry it sold out so make sure you get your tickets now (link on the gigs page)

Then finally we return to Sydney, to the place we called home for many years, Spectrum on Oxford St. We’ll try our damndest to have the HCG brew on tap for you there too, you’ll find our fav tour buddies Devilrock Four on the bill too

As a top up bit of info, the new album is finished, we’ll master soon, maybe drop a new track for youse and we’ll be putting it out around October at this stage

fuck yeah

Love, HCGx

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Yup, this is it katz, only chance!


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We’re playing on Australia Day!! The Vanguard in Newtown

Strewth cobber! Come celebrate Australia Day at The Vanguard with a bonza party featuring:

Mother and Son
The Snowdroppers
Frank Sultana
Hell City Glamours
Gay Paris
Brothers Grim Duo
Mojo Juju

Kicking off a 2:00pm. The Snowdroppers are playing first so make sure you get there early. Sausage sizzle and tapas menu available all day. Beach-wear compulsory.

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Saleing and Wailing 07-11-2011

Afternoon Hellcitizens,
Sorry for the terrible pun there everyone but it’s vaguely relevant to the email right?
We’re having a merch sale at the moment for your Christmas stocking requirements, for a discount on the girl logo shirt just chuck in the code GIRL at check out and for the bottle tshirt chuck in PALEALE and score a random discount!
We’ve also put up a new song on the facebook and website by the name of Alright By Me, it’s not the finished product but we reckon you may just enjoy it all the same.
And we’re doing a couple of Sydney shows to finish up the year too so hopefully you can come to one or both, the R’n’R Markets show is a gold coin donation to get in and all ages so bring your younger siblings, kids or parents! And some spare cash for all the awesome stalls they have
November 27th 2011
Rock ‘n’ Roll Markets
Jets Sports Club
2 Holbeach Ave Tempe
December 9th 2011
Penrith Panthers
w/The Angels (featuring Dave Gleeson)
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Tshirt Sale Time

head to the merch store for some discounts, for the bottle shirt put in the code PALEALE and for the classic put in the code GIRL

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19th September 2011

We’ve got gigs! In other states than Sydney but we’ll have Sydney gigs soon too

October 7th at the John Curtin in Melbs

October 8th at Enigma Bar in Radelaide

Might give you a new rough mix of a song to listen to as well

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We’ve got many things to offer this month!

Howdy Hell Citizens, welcome to the new financial year and may you screw the tax man royally

We’ve got a bit of stuff to throw at you this month so sit back and read on…

For our Queensland fans we are of course hitting your fine state this weekend with a show at Shark Bar on the Goldie Friday 15/7 and the big Dead Of Winter Festival at the Jubilee Hotel in Brisbane on Saturday 16/7

Sydney peeps, you’ll find us at The Annandale August 20th with Celibate Rifles, The Meanies and a whole bunch more (tix are on sale now) though we may be playing a surprise mid weeker before that so keep your eyes peeled…

Everyone else, we’re getting there!

Now of course we’re smashing out new songs just as quick as we can and if you want to here some moments from them make sure you get across to our youtube channel for our new series “Yes, We’ve Got a Video” and let us know what you think (about the songs, we know the humour’s terrible)

And also just in case you missed out on the deal from Sludge Factory, we’re going to extend it for the rest of July, so grab a tee shirt from our online store and we’ll shoot you a link to download a high quality wav file of our latest track Singapore Sling (don’t forget we ship worldwide!!)

We’re hitting the studio in a couple of weeks to lay down more tracks for the album too, once again Jonboyrock will be manning the desk and there’ll be another song or two for you too hear as soon as they’re done!

Hope to see you at show if you can make it!

Love, HCGx

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Shows for some, free songs for all!

Hi there Hellcitizens, hope you’re splendid and apologies for the long email but we’ve got lots to tell you!

We’re rather stoked to be able to throw some new songs your way today in a couple of different ways

First up we have a brand new track by the name of Singapore Sling streaming at for the next fortnight time, if you dig it and would like it for your very own then here’s the dealio

Simply click the link from the page and buy a tshirt and we’ll send you a link to download a full wav quality version of the song to keep for ever on your iTunes or computer… but wait, there’s more!

If you buy a shirt this time around then grab a shirt when we stream the next new song on Sludge Factory in the next couple of months too you’ll get first dibs on the new album, personally signed by the band for $5 when it comes out!! Hell YES

So that’s song number one for you, now for song #2

Just go to to get a free download of Trainwreck (and a couple you’ve maybe heard before)

Next thing is show time

We’re hitting Queensland in July for 2 shows

July 15th Shark Bar @ Miami Tavern (Gold Coast) with F1-Elevens, The Green Whistle, Hellfire Pass

July 16th Jubilee Hotel (Brisbane) @ Dead Of Winter Festival with The Meanies, Snowdroppers and a whole bunch more

August 20th Annandale Hotel (Sydney) with bands we can’t quite mention yet but damn they’re good

Adelaide and Melbourne we’ll see you in October, Canberra too and Perth/the rest of the world we’re still trying to scrape the cash together!!

Last but not least make sure to keep an eye on our youtube channel as we’re going to start putting up webisodes from our album writing sessions that will all feature snippets of new songs

Alright, we’re done talking!

Love, HCGx

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May 26th 2011

Howdy Hellcitizens, just a quick one to let you know we’re the proud owners of a new song for the album!! that mean’s you guys and girls will soon be the owners of a new song… you may of heard it live recently and it goes by the name of Singapore Sling

We’ll be streaming something shortly somewhere so stay tuned!

We’ll be hitting Queensland in July too, 15th at Shark Bar on the goldie and 16th at Dead Of Winter Festival

Love, HCGx

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