February 1st 2011 It’s rock ‘n’ roll time!

Howdy Hell Citizens, hope you’re all in fine form and fitness

It’s Oxford Art Factory show time this week, first headliner in a long timer and we’re rather excited about the whole thing too. Make sure you get there early for Contraban, Shooters Party and Joseph Liddy & Skeleton Horse as they’ll all kick your arse in their own special ways.

We’ve put a nifty little set together, something old, something new, nothing borrowed and plenty of blues

And of course for our Queenslandian friends we’ll see you at the Step Inn on the 19th of February too with Mick Medew & The Rumours, Heavy Sun & The Moderns rounding out the bill

We’ll be in the studio this month doing a few new tracks for the next album which we’ll be sure to let you hear really soon too

We’ll have the new tshirt design available Friday night too or you can grab it from our big cartel store if you can’t make it down or are scared you’ll lose it in a booze soaked frenzy

so to recap that’s

Oxford Art Factory Sydney – Friday February 4th

Step Inn Brisbane – Saturday February 19th

see you there!

love, HCGx

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