Melbourne AND FINALLY Sydney shows!!

Yup, we’re going to smashing a hole in your livers at Cherry Bar in Melbs May 26th as we launch our first beer courtesy of Young Henry’s Brewery, we’ll be playing with Front End Loader and My Dynamite and everyone’s got their own brew on tap for the night

The last time we played Cherry it sold out so make sure you get your tickets now (link on the gigs page)

Then finally we return to Sydney, to the place we called home for many years, Spectrum on Oxford St. We’ll try our damndest to have the HCG brew on tap for you there too, you’ll find our fav tour buddies Devilrock Four on the bill too

As a top up bit of info, the new album is finished, we’ll master soon, maybe drop a new track for youse and we’ll be putting it out around October at this stage

fuck yeah

Love, HCGx

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