Shows for some, free songs for all!

Hi there Hellcitizens, hope you’re splendid and apologies for the long email but we’ve got lots to tell you!

We’re rather stoked to be able to throw some new songs your way today in a couple of different ways

First up we have a brand new track by the name of Singapore Sling streaming at for the next fortnight time, if you dig it and would like it for your very own then here’s the dealio

Simply click the link from the page and buy a tshirt and we’ll send you a link to download a full wav quality version of the song to keep for ever on your iTunes or computer… but wait, there’s more!

If you buy a shirt this time around then grab a shirt when we stream the next new song on Sludge Factory in the next couple of months too you’ll get first dibs on the new album, personally signed by the band for $5 when it comes out!! Hell YES

So that’s song number one for you, now for song #2

Just go to to get a free download of Trainwreck (and a couple you’ve maybe heard before)

Next thing is show time

We’re hitting Queensland in July for 2 shows

July 15th Shark Bar @ Miami Tavern (Gold Coast) with F1-Elevens, The Green Whistle, Hellfire Pass

July 16th Jubilee Hotel (Brisbane) @ Dead Of Winter Festival with The Meanies, Snowdroppers and a whole bunch more

August 20th Annandale Hotel (Sydney) with bands we can’t quite mention yet but damn they’re good

Adelaide and Melbourne we’ll see you in October, Canberra too and Perth/the rest of the world we’re still trying to scrape the cash together!!

Last but not least make sure to keep an eye on our youtube channel as we’re going to start putting up webisodes from our album writing sessions that will all feature snippets of new songs

Alright, we’re done talking!

Love, HCGx

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