We’ve got many things to offer this month!

Howdy Hell Citizens, welcome to the new financial year and may you screw the tax man royally

We’ve got a bit of stuff to throw at you this month so sit back and read on…

For our Queensland fans we are of course hitting your fine state this weekend with a show at Shark Bar on the Goldie Friday 15/7 and the big Dead Of Winter Festival at the Jubilee Hotel in Brisbane on Saturday 16/7

Sydney peeps, you’ll find us at The Annandale August 20th with Celibate Rifles, The Meanies and a whole bunch more (tix are on sale now) though we may be playing a surprise mid weeker before that so keep your eyes peeled…

Everyone else, we’re getting there!

Now of course we’re smashing out new songs just as quick as we can and if you want to here some moments from them make sure you get across to our youtube channel for our new series “Yes, We’ve Got a Video” and let us know what you think (about the songs, we know the humour’s terrible)

And also just in case you missed out on the deal from Sludge Factory, we’re going to extend it for the rest of July, so grab a tee shirt from our online store and we’ll shoot you a link to download a high quality wav file of our latest track Singapore Sling (don’t forget we ship worldwide!!)

We’re hitting the studio in a couple of weeks to lay down more tracks for the album too, once again Jonboyrock will be manning the desk and there’ll be another song or two for you too hear as soon as they’re done!

Hope to see you at show if you can make it!

Love, HCGx

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