March 24th 2011 – Hey Man, what’s happening

Howdy Hell Citizens, hope all’s fine and dandy with you

We’ve being having a quiet time right now with Jonny OS seeing the sights of the USA but before he left we laid down the beds on two new songs for the next album at Megaphon Studios with the magnificent Jonboyrock behind the knobs.

But we’ve got a show coming the minute Jonny lands and it’s ALL AGES (Odin, we know you’ll be stoked!), it’s on April 2nd at Cronulla Beach as part of youth week

We’re on around 2pm and there’s a bunch of other rad bands playing too

We’re also doing a few songs at Jonny’s special birthday show at The Lansdowne Hotel on Broadway in Sydney on April 15th too, it’s free and all are welcome to come pretend he’s not almost 40!!

We’ll be getting new tracks up as soon as their done for you so keep your ear to the ground

Love, HCGx

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